Pastor Gerardo & Kathy Mejia

Gerardo Mejia (also known as Rico Suave) is a rapper, singer, and actor who achieved the American Dream after moving to the United States from his native homeland of Ecuador. He worked for many years in the music industry, where he is best known for his hit song “Rico Suave”.  Gerardo lived in Los Angeles, California with his wife Kathy and three children Bianca, Nadia and Jaden, but five years ago he answered God’s call into the ministry and relocated to Ashland, Kentucky.  Now known as Pastor G, he is the head pastor at House of Grace on Greenup Avenue.  Starting with only a handful of people, the congregation has now grown into the hundreds. Through House of Grace and his continued travels throughout the world, Pastor G allows God’s light to shine through his music and his testimony.  Pastor G’s mission is to lead the world to Christ – one soul at a time.

Pastor Ron & Cari Rucker

Ron and Cari Rucker were called to House of Grace in January of 2016.  The church was very small at that time, and God quickly opened the door for them to serve in leadership.  The church’s desire to seek the will of God in all things and to show the love of God to the community were an answer to prayer, as Ron and Cari felt called to serve in a church that consistently lived the Gospel both inside and outside of the church walls.  Ron currently serves as Associate Pastor and Elder over Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and the Recovery Program.  Cari serves as the Women’s Ministry Leader.  They both lead Wednesday night Bible Study. Ron and Cari are blessed to serve in a church where everyone is welcomed and shown the love of God.  They invite you to join them and the House of Grace family.

David & Jody Neeley

Jody and I embarked on this journey in the summer of 2016 when invited to a HOG Service on Saturday night hosted by Bikers for Christ. We started attending Sunday morning services at House of Grace and quickly realized the members and leaders of the church had the heart of Jesus, always reaching out to serve the community, recognizing the needs, and working to fulfill them.  This is what drew us in; we wanted to be part of a church that serves others.

While attending church at the House of Grace we experienced love, grace, and mercy, but all the while also experiencing the conviction of God to step out in faith and serve our Lord further.

As a step of faith, we were honored to become a member of the leadership in the fall of 2018.

Our lone motivation in this journey is keeping our eyes on the Lord and being led by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will. We prayerfully answer this calling with grateful hearts.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Our ministries are as follows: Van Ministry, First Impression Ministry- which includes: Greeters/ Ushers, Security, and Parking Lot Attendants

Denise Paulus

When called to plant a church in Ashland, Kentucky, Denise Paulus took on a leadership role as the Church Administrator. Along with her previous experience, she has an in-depth understanding of the needs with church management. She also has the Spirit-given capacity and desire to serve God by organizing, administering, promoting, and leading the various affairs of the church including outreach and events that bring the community together. One of her most relevant duties is to take the administrative load off the Pastors, so they can be more effective in their own area of ministry. In addition she has been responsible to protect the church by making sure there is fiscal responsibility as well as being most effective with the resources from Gods blessings. From the beginning phase, her goal for House of Grace was to be an example of love in our community and to spread the gospel of Jesus. Denise and her family continue to follow this direction while giving all the Glory to Our Lord and Savior.

Mike & Melissa Lambert

Mike and Melissa Lambert were part of the original founders of House of Grace in the Spring of 2015 with hearts burdened for those in need. As the leadership of the church was formed, Mike was given a position as an Elder where he currently leads the outreach program, the food pantry, servants of shelter, the first response team, building maintenance and the visitation ministry. Melissa enjoys serving at the church’s welcome center, food pantry and in the outreach ministry.  The Lamberts have a passion for the mission and vision of House of Grace and find joy in serving God by serving those in this community.

Chris & Kara Feller

Chris and Kara Feller joined House of Grace in 2015. They felt drawn to House of Grace because of the church’s desire to serve the community and its dedication to delivering the Word of God in a fresh way. Chris and Kara have felt called to serve God from a young age and have been blessed to be able to do that at House of Grace. Chris has a passion in serving through music ministry and Kara is a part of our children’s ministry department. They feel honored to be able to continue to serve here and grow in God with their four children.